Android Invoice PRO

An expanded version PRO is recommended for small and medium sized companies who require more advanced and sophisticated features.

With this program installed on any Android mobile phone with Bluetooth module, issuing invoices and placing orders is a breeze and can be done anywhere in the field.

With PRO comes as easy was to synchronize clients, articles and price lists with your company's data base:

thumb_klienci_01 thumb_klienci_02 thumb_klienci_03 thumb_klienci_04

Information about clients, items and prices will already be loaded:

thumb_towary_01 thumb_towary_02 thumb_towary_03 thumb_towary_04

After invoicing your customer, data will be automatically sent to your offices.


If you're paid in cash you can easily create and print a proof of payment document.

thumb_klienci_01 thumb_kasa_02 thumb_kasa_03

Quickly, efficiently and without complications. Always in accordance with the law! PRO
prints documents on a DATECS Bluetooth thermal mobile printer.
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