Collector PRO

For companies, traders and vendors collecting money from their clients in the field Collector PRO is an excellent choice.

Through this program, which can be installed on any mobile phone equipped with the Android operating system and a Bluetooth module, it is possible to:

1. Import your Client's address and telephone data;
2. Import your Client's documents (debts) for which you are to accuire compensation for;
3. Select corresponding documents to pay for;
4. Print a proof of payment POP.
5. Prepare a cash report.
6. Send a document package to your main offices.

In a simple way we can streamline the work of the accounting department through electronic book-entry of data on payments from customers that have been carried out in the field.

Fast, efficient, intuitive and troubleless. Always in accordance with the law!

Collector PRO prints documents on a DATECS Bluetooth thermal mobile printer

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